The Crafty Chickadee

DIY Drive In Movie Theatre

05 Sep 2012

North by Northwest


Just this summer my husband and I were thinking of different ways to entertain our friends and have some fun summer evenings together. I suggested showing summer classic films in the backyard. We have been wanting to plan movie nights with our friends for ages but space always seems an issue in our home. There is the problem of wanting to invite so many people but having limited sitting space. So my backyard solution was to use my LCD projector from my teaching days and a large king sized sheet. Problem solved.We can entertain larger numbers and enjoy the novelty of watching classic films that we were too young to ever see on the “big screen.”

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T Shirt Craft-How To Make A Door Wreath

28 Aug 2012

Door Wreath

Cheap Crafts Are The Best Crafts

Everyone has T shirts, old or new that they can use to make some cute projects. I have been seeing a lot about T Shirt scarves but today I made a T Shirt wreath for my front door. I have been hanging the same spring decoration all summer and needed to change it up as its no longer spring but that transition from summer to autumn. I also had T shirts on the brain as I was putting away laundry and cleaning out my closet a bit. This is a craft that anyone can do and can be adapted in numerous ways.

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Orchid Care

27 Aug 2012

Orchid Care Myths Debunked

After writing an earlier post on terrariums I renewed my love for orchids and have picked up a few to try my luck. They were a very popular plant in the Victorian Age, and just one of the many exotic plants that many women were caring for in their Wardian Cases. I like to think that I have a green thumb( just don’t judge me by my lawn) and I am sure that I can be confident in my green thumbness if I can master the orchid. They have a bad rap as a difficult to care for plant, but in all of the research I have done, I am costantly told that they are one of the easiest. What these lovelies need from people to stay alive is actually very simple.

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Savings for the Garden and Overwintering your Plants

24 Aug 2012


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Being Economical According to The American Frugal Housewife

20 Aug 2012

Household items from the 1800s

A Penny Saved

Many people hear the word economical and think its about buying from the sale rack or more visits to mom and dad’s house for dinner. I think it’s a whole different way of thinking about what you have and what you can do to not waste it. There are so many phrases that we hear like “time is money” and “waste not want not,” that we are supposed to follow. But being economical is a whole way of life for some who reuse what they can and take care of what they have because the expense to replace things can not be afforded. There is a new generation of people who are living this way, myself included, with the recession we are currently pulling ourselves out of. I actually think it is good for people to learn how to fix something broken, how to alternatively use what is available and save money in the process. We are becoming DIYers out of necessity and more handy in the process.

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Silhouette Portrait Cutting

13 Aug 2012

Things Left Behind

Since moving out of my parents house and living in my own home with my husband ( and our puppy Quincy), I find myself thinking more and more about the things I might have left being in the move and what can be used as home decor. Being a homeowner has caused me to think more about those alternative uses and creative ways to get the most out of what I have to save a bit. So thinking of all of the boxes of clothes and miscellaneous things that are still there two years later, I remembered my old silhouette cut out from when I was little. It’s a bit random but when you leave home you can get a bit nostalgic for those childhood things.

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Coffee Filter Roses for Weddings

06 Aug 2012

Paper Flower

Wedding Lifesaver

Wedding season is well under way, so I wanted to share my life saving wedding craft that I used two years ago in my own wedding. I am not fully sold on the need for cut flowers at weddings, and prefer the live option. I know there may be quite a difference between the quality and cost, but I have always preferred live plants. I did use potted plants for my favor and centerpieces but opted for handmade for the bouquets. I also wanted to save a boat load of money. Once again necessity is the mother of all invention. Not my invention, but rather, a well researched and borrowed one. I decided to handmake my flowers out of coffee filters. You may have seen these while browsing the Internet or maybe on Etsy. They are slowly making their way into weddings as an affordable, more time consuming option that the florist.

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Before and After: Hand Painted Table

30 Jul 2012

Humidor Table with Hand Painted Details

A Little Mystery…

So I started writing this post about a telephone table I wanted to give a little love and makeover. Well, upon cleaning, sanding and painting it, I noticed a thin sheet of copper on the bottom side of the interior box and holes where other copper sheets would have been nailed in.

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Bread Box Roll Top Desk

25 Jul 2012

Pink Bread Box

The Find

A few weekends ago I discovered at a yard sale the most adorable pale pink Kreamer Bread Box. I chatted briefly with the woman who had used it in her kitchen for probably 60 or more years. She was helping me brainstorm what colors to repaint my $3.00 purchase. As I hopped to the car,excited for my new project, I thought, hey, I kind of like the original pink. It was in such good condition that it really didn’t need much work. It even has an adorable Bakelite knob. It’s a cute pink, like the color or Smarties, one of my favorite candies when I was little.

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How To Make Your Own Terrarium, With Some History Mixed In

17 Jul 2012

4 terrariums in a row on a glass coffee table Green thumbs or not, terrariums are something that everyone can care for. They might be the easiest to care for “garden” you may ever have. A terrarium is a tightly closed clear glass or plastic container filled with various small plants. Some people prefer the kind with an open top but I find that they require a bit more watering as moisture can escape. A closed terrarium needs very little,if any, watering after the initial amount. The amazing thing about closed terrariums is that they create their own self sustaining world of fresh air and balance/recycle the moisture within.

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Thoughts on Collecting Salt and Pepper Shakers

26 Sep 2011

Red Kettle salt and pepepr shakers Hmmm…. Is it a conscious decision to collect things or is it something we don’t even know we are doing? Maybe at first it’s a subtle action that no one even notices; a couple of things you buy here and there. But before you know it you are hiding them when you bring them in the house and are afraid the rule of “bring something in, take something out of the house” being enacted by those you live with. That is a scary scenario. So when is too much too much? I guess when you are running out of space, or when you show someone your collection and they go ” ooooh, wow! you have a lot!”( but they are really planning their escape and hoping you don’t have people buried in the basement) instead of genuinely commenting on how awesome the collection is. Is it only a collection a mother could love, or are their others with similar interests and collections? Well I have recently started getting interested in salt and pepper shakers. At least they are small. “Some people collect motorcycles,” I tell my husband. Can I consciously decide to just like them a lot from afar or will it progress to a physical collection? I guess we’ll see…I’ll keep you posted.

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iPad Man Bag Complete

06 Sep 2011

Brown canvas, couch, and leather messenger bag for iPad I finally got the photos of my husband’s iPad man bag! This was a custom made piece that I made with materials and fabric that we had in the house. It is lined with micro fiber fabric and includes 2 inner pockets with sections for phone, pens etc. So far I think it has held up well. It is a simple design which makes it easy to reproduce but functional and one of a kind!

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Dusty Blue Wool Chickadee Bag

31 Mar 2011

Chickadee Clutch Bag When on a tight budget, I find that around the holidays and special occasions, most gifts are handmade. It’s a great way to save a bit, make something special that a lot of time and love has gone into, and to try new ideas. Sometimes it can even be a project that can inspire others too .It’s my way to relax and unwind even when the sewing machine is giving me a hard time and schnerping, as my mom calls it ( when the bobbin thread bunches). I still find enjoyment in the projects that I create for myself. My latest project was a gift for my sister for her birthday. I wanted to make her a clutch handbag to use when she goes out for drinks with friends. I used the fabrics that I had around the house and its was actually a lot of fun to literally piece together the various finds of my basement sewing room. I lined the inside with a simple cotton but included a magnetic snap closure and small inner pocket for little items. The last touch was a vintage brass lamp chain as a handle. I loved it so much I can’t wait to make one for myself. Love those cute little chickadees!!!!

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